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Our business is built on happy clients. Testimonials from happy clients drive us to become better at what we do, and give us a chance to earn more business and to continue to become better real estate professionals. Without raving testimonials, we have no business.

So, our business is built on two important components:

  1. Referrals, and
  2. Testimonials

Referrals come from our clients and friends who know us and have worked with us, and in turn introduce us to their extended personal and professional networks.

Testimonials from our clients touch those who don’t know us and are not directly connected to us via our immediate network. They provide a real connection into the care and service that we offer based on a client’s experience with us.

Click here to go directly to Zillow to review your Agent & The Oldfather Group

We request all our clients who want to give us a public testimonial to do so on Zillow.

Here are the quick steps to follow, it will take less than 2 minutes:

  1. Click Here to go directly to our team’s Zillow review page
  2. You can scan the other reviews
  3. If you are thinking about what to write about, many of our clients who have read the reviews have told us these are the following characteristics that have been useful to them:
  • Having 5 Stars across the board
  • Why you chose us to represent you?
  • Was there something particular that we did that you appreciated?
  • Our knowledge and expertise
  • Our communication and education through the process
  • Would you work with us again?
  1. Answer these 5 questions
    1. What fears did you have about buying or selling your home? 
    2. What process did you use to select The Oldfather Group to represent you? 
    3. What did your agent do differently from other agents you've worked with? 
    4. How did your agent and The Oldfather Group handle the process for you? 
    5. What would you say in recommending your agent and The Oldfather Group to a friend? 

Click here to go directly to Zillow to review your Agent and The Oldfather Group

Some Sample Zillow Reviews...

After 8 months trying For Sale By Owner generating lot's of activity, but not receiving a single offer to purchase until we listed our primary residence with Dustin and The Oldfather Group .  Within weeks we had for consideration a clean strong offer to purchase that was the highest recorded re-sale price on  record for the community going back 11 years of MLS history to the peak of 2005. Two months later property sale was final and we are breaking ground for new construction without exposure to having two mortgages! Happy days thanks to efforts and professionalism of Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's International Realty.


Jeff did an amazing job helping us find the perfect home for our family!!! We sold or current home so quick we didn't have anything in mind. He listened to our wants and needs.... showed us a list of great properties, he found us the perfect home!! All the time I spent on Zillow looking and looking  was wasted. I never saw the one we fell in love with until Jeff found it!!!! He has been amazing at walking us through all the steps in the home buying process!! He has been great keeping us in the loop and meeting our needs!! I would certainly recommend Jeff to friends and family!! Brandi Ober


In response to your request, I would be pleased to provide feedback on efforts of Celia Benjamin to assist and guide us in the process of finding a “getaway” beach home in the Rehoboth Beach area.  
            We had some general ideas of the style and location of the property we wanted, as well as a budget.   Satisfying any one or two of these elements was fairly easy; finding a property that met all three criteria turned out to be a daunting task.  Not to mention that we as a couple were not always in agreement with each other in our rating of potential properties.
            Celia was relentless in satisfying our evolving requirements; as our criteria changed, she redirected our search for new properties to meet our newly perceived needs.  Her rapid response to our queries and willingness to meet us almost anytime and anywhere made us feel like we were her only client.  
            Over several months we visited a large number of properties throughout the Rehoboth Beach area.
            Once we narrowed our choices, Celia was a strong advocate for our interests.  We eventually decided to buy a newly constructed townhome, and Celia made sure that we received all the available incentives and price concessions from the builder.
            Celia was an enthusiastic partner in the search for our new “getaway,” but was always sensitive to our fears and reservations, never pushing us to compromise on our fundamental requirements.
            We could not have been more pleased with the real estate services provided by Celia, and would recommend her without reservation.
            And it goes without saying that Celia, along with being exceedingly competent and highly motivated, is a delightful and personable individual, and a real asset to your organization.        
            Tracey and John Butler


Josette is an amazing realtor.  First, she is very familiar with the area, the benefits and challenges in various locations.  She was also very in tune with the various builders in the area, their reputation, and the amenities of the communities.  Her patience, professionalism and negotiation  skills are TOP NOTCH!  She is, by far, the best realtor that I have ever worked with.  I appreciated her efficient response time, her flexibility and availability.  She is a GEM. 


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