Can you lift 250 pounds over your head, do 100 pushups or run a marathon? Guess what? Neither can we.

But fortunately we don’t need those abilities to improve our physical and mental well being at one of our favorite places in coastal Delaware – Crossfit Lewes.

Using a method of physical exercise that allows each individual to proceed at his or her own pace, the Nassau Commons-based facility is owned and operated by Kris Carper, a Baltimore native who’s been involved in the fitness industry for nearly three decades.

She worked for Crossfit Lewes since the day it opened in 2008, buying the business two years later after the original owner relocated to New Castle County.

Since that time, Carper’s trained hundreds of people within her walls, including the principal owners of the Oldfather Group, Dustin and Mariya Oldfather.

“Dustin and Mariya have a wonderful dynamic and it’s great that they’re able to do this together,” says Carper. “They both do great, as do most of my clients.”

Take a Virtual Reality (VR) tour of Crossfit Lewes by clicking on the image below.

Members of Crossfit Lewes range in age from a 13-year-old middle school student to a 70-year-old woman who’s been training at the facility for the last six years.

But truth be told, Carper’s clients skew more to the older side of the age range, with several senior citizens showing up regularly to work out under her watchful eye. 

And the fact that her clientele is older actually makes perfect sense, as the demographics of coastal Delaware have been trending more toward retirees and seniors for many years now.

But at least in the case of Crossfit, age is truly just a number. No matter the age, physical ability or extenuating circumstances that may exist, the exercise regiment is truly adaptable to anyone’s wants and needs.

The main thing, says Carper, is that you commit to being in the gym at least three times a week and that you complete the prescribed exercises.

“If you’re not here every week, you’re really just wasting your time and money,” she admits. “You need to constantly repeat the exercises because your body needs that muscle memory. And I also need to see you to make sure you’re doing the program that you’re supposed to be doing."

Class times at Crossfit Lewes last for one hour and are held throughout the day. Each session includes a variety of exercises, including weight lifting, cardiovascular work and endurance training.

And while many people use the exercises for improving their physical appearance, some participate for other reasons.

“Especially for the people who are aging, they use this program because it gives them a sense of accomplishment, as well as the motivation to get through this older stage in their lives,” Carper says. “Many of these folks are now much more positive when it comes to their bodies and their state of well being, and that’s what makes me proud to do what I do.”

Crossfit Lewes is located just west of Five Points in Lewes, at 17499 Nassau Commons Boulevard. You can reach the business via phone at 302-745-1815 or visit them online at