Perhaps you saw the recent story in the Wilmington News Journal about Sussex County continuing to outpace the state's other two counties in terms of it's growth rate? While it didn't come as a surprise to us, it did to many who felt that the urban areas in and around Wilmington would give New Castle that distinction.

But it's the southern part of the state that continues to grow at rapid levels, and the biggest reasons are our 26 miles of fabulous Atlantic coastline and the premier beach resorts that today define southern Delaware.

Between 2010 and 2014, according to the United States Census Bureau, Sussex County grew at a rate of nearly 7 percent. People are continuing to find our little area of the world, which is a big reason why the real estate market here has been on the upswing for several consecutive years now.

A big part of the population explosion is due to the Baby Boomers, who are all retiring now and finding that a life near the ocean, especially with the tax benefits that Delaware affords, is an attractive scenario for them.

The location doesn't hurt either – many retirees are from the surrounding states and can easily visit their friends and loved ones for the day and then return home to coastal Delaware in the evening.

Of particular interest in the News Journal piece, at least to us, was the interview they did with William McCain, a real estate consultant based just over the state line in Salisbury. He cited the county's "large and growing stock of new homes on the market" as a big reason for southern Delaware's population growth.

We definitely see this as the case as well. And not only are our selections growing, as many who were sitting on the sidelines during the economic downturn are now putting their homes on the market, but the variety of these homes has also become much greater.

In our inventory alone, we have beach homes, and retirement community homes and single family homes. We even have a circular home and a former inn and tavern for sale.

Again according to the Census bureau, Sussex County's population in 2014 was just a little less than 211,000, up more than 13,000 since 2010. People are continuing to find us, and as long as our taxes remain low and Mother Ocean remains as our eastern border, that's not going to change.

We welcome all of our newcomers here to southern Delaware with open arms. If you're here and you want to stay, but you don't have a permanent residence yet, give us a ring and let us show you around.

This is, after all, what many of us call "God's Country" and we'd love to introduce you to the many benefits that a life at the Delaware beaches can afford. It's the fastest growing area of the state for many reasons – and we're here to show you all of them!

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!