Visitors to Delaware's favorite coastal resort this season will find a new flag flying at several locations throughout the city.

Yes, you'll still see the Stars and Stripes, as well as the colonial blue of the state of Delaware and even the sheaf of wheat that dominates the official flag of Sussex County.

But for the first time in its 126-year history, the city of Rehoboth will be unveiling an "official" flag of its own in the next few weeks. This new symbol will fly over the newly constructed City Hall on Rehoboth Avenue, as well as several city-owned properties throughout the resort.

The flag features the city seal on a white backdrop with a blueish green border. It's a combination that not only fits with the resort's new color scheme, but also pays homage to the sea, which led to the city's explosive growth over the years.

Unlike the long-time popular flag in neighboring Lewes, the Rehoboth Beach flag will be displayed solely at city structures. It won't be sold or made available to the public for private use.

"With a brand new city hall, we just decided that the time was right to have our own flag," said Rehoboth Beach Communications Director Krys Johnson in a recent interview with the Oldfather Group. "Everyone has been very enthusiastic about it."

The idea for a new flag was discussed at the Rehoboth Beach Commissioners meeting in February and approved at that time for future use, but it was actually in the works for a while prior to that date.

Cape Gazette Photo

Now there is a bit of a twist in this story, and one we may need a local historian or two to clarify, but you'll notice that we put the word "official" in quotes in the third paragraph of this blog entry.

And there's a reason for that, which Johnson shared with us earlier this week.

"It was long before any of us were here, but there was apparently an old flag for the city that had never been used," Johnson reveals. "We found it when we were packing up the old city hall...but it did have an outdated city seal and colors on it."

The flag, according to Johnson, was black and white and, to her knowledge, had never been used in an official capacity. It was also found at a time when city officials were already planning on a new city flag, once construction on City Hall was completed.

Rehoboth's flags are currently being manufactured at Signarama in Georgetown and will be delivered to the city of Rehoboth once that process has been completed.

Johnson says the city will be holding an official flag raising ceremony in the very near future, at a date still to be determined.