Not to be outdone by the larger and more well established Firefly Festival, the Wilmington-based Ladybug Festival is venturing into southern Delaware for the first time this year. The all-female musical celebration is taking place this Saturday at several venues throughout the city of Milford.

Attendance has doubled every year since the event began in 2012, with approximately 10,000 attending the festival in 2017. The event has always been held upstate in downtown Wilmington, as it will be this year as well, but organizers wanted to add a second venue in 2018.

Milford was chosen, partly because the town on the banks of the Mispillion River is where the ladybug was officially chosen as Delaware's state bug in 1974, after second grade students at Lulu M. Ross Elementary School, and their teacher, petitioned the state legislature.

The festival is billed as the "largest celebration of women in music" and was inspired by the aforementioned Firefly Music Festival, which brings tens of thousands of people to Delaware's state capital region every year.

There are 40 acts scheduled for the 2018 event of this popular all-girl festival, at 17 locations throughout Milford. The festival will kick off at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 22, with about six hours planned for the all-day event.

Locations marked in red on the map below will be featuring musical acts this Saturday. Scroll down for a more comprehensive image of which acts will be performing at which locations.

Headliners for the 2018 event include Vanessa Collier, Nalani & Sarina, Hoochi Coochi, Joy Ike and Megan Knight, with many more entertainers also taking one of several stages throughout town.

The main stage will be outdoors at the intersection of Walnut Street and Park Avenue, with additional venues including the Riverfront Theater, Gallery 37, Arenas, the Georgia House and many more (see image below for all scheduled acts).

To learn more about the 2018 Ladybug Music Festival, being held in both Milford and Wilmington, visit the organization's official website at