Every holiday season, we here at the Oldfather Group join millions around the country, and the world, in considering those less fortunate and doing what we can to help out.

Last year, we distributed a list of charitable organizations that we personally have become involved with, and we'll include that list again this year as well (see below).

But there's one effort that we want to personally take the lead on this year, one that just so happens to be near and dear to someone who is also near and dear to us.

You’ll find that’s a bit of a theme in our charitable giving. When one of our employees, or a family member, becomes personally involved with a cause for one reason or another, we like to become involved as well.

Be it the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the ASPCA, CAMP Rehoboth or any other cause a member of the Oldfather Group Team is passionate about, we want to be supportive of it too.

And that leads us to Chuck Seaman, one of our most seasoned agents and someone who we care deeply about here at the Oldfather Group.

Just this year, Chuck was named a finalist for the Sussex County Association of Realtors’ Good Neighbor Award for his work with area school children. This specifically relates to raising money and personal items aimed at keeping young ones warm during the harsh winter months.

Unofficially dubbed “Tiny Hands,” Chuck’s efforts began innocently enough, when visiting a teacher friend at a local school and recalling how a pair of young brothers were sharing gloves because neither could afford his own set.

Since that day, Chuck has collected thousand of coats, and gloves, and scarves and anything else that can be used to keep little bodies warm. Several schools have signed on to his efforts and have benefitted by his generosity and by his outreach work.

Through it all, he remains humble about his work, saying simply that he’s had “a fortunate life and is now at the point where I can turn around and start giving back to my community.”

Chuck begins collecting items for the winter when the sun is still high in the coastal Delaware sky, the beaches are still teeming with activity and the farthest thing from most people’s minds is the frigid effects of the winter season.

As has been the case for several years, his collection is impressive. But the need is always growing, and he can use all of the help he can get.

Would you like to help Chuck with his efforts at keeping our children warm this winter? If so, you can reach him at [email protected].

Or you can always call us here at the Oldfather Group at 302-260-2000. We’ll be glad to welcome you on board, as we try to keep as many children as possible warm during the winter of 2016-17.

We thank you in advance for considering our plea and we wish you and yours the most joyous of holiday seasons.

Here are some of the Oldfather Group's favorite charities:

The American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org; 800-227-2345)

The ASPCA (www.aspca.org; 800-628-0028)

Survivors of Suicide (www.survivorsofsuicide.com; NONE LISTED)

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (www.debreastcancer.org; 866-312-DBCC)

The Make-A-Wish Foundation (www.wish.org; 800-722-9474)

The SPCA (www.spcai.org; 888-690-7722)

Inland Bays Foundation (www.inlandbays.org; 302-226-8105)

Cancer Support Community (www.cancersupportcommunity.org; 888-793-9355)

Alzheimer's Association Delaware – Sussex Chapter (www.alz.org; 302-854-9788)

Autism Speaks (www.autismspeaks.org; 888-288-4762)

A.I. DuPont Children's Hospital (www.nemours.org; 302-651-4000)

St. Judes Children's Hospital (www.stjude.org; 800-822-6344)

CAMP Rehoboth (www.camprehoboth.com; 302-227-5620)

Liam's Lighthouse Foundation (www.liamslighthousefoundation.org; NONE LISTED)