For more than a decade, Wilmington native Julie Harrigan carried on a secret love affair with considerably more than a single suitor. Year in and year out, she fell in love again and again and the passion burned brighter and hotter than it did the year before.

But lest you get the wrong idea, Harrigan’s secret passions and desires are not directed toward another human being. Her ongoing love affair is with fruits and vegetables, and mixing them in a way that creates mouth-watering creations of healthy goodness.

Just a few months ago, she finally made her passions known to all of coastal Delaware. It was in the early days of the Summer of 2016 when she officially opened Twist Juice Bar on Wilmington Avenue, not far from the city’s famous boardwalk.

Since June, she has developed quite the following. Even U.S. Senator Tom Carper stopped in for a “Power Pina” smoothie a few months ago.

“What we’re finding, and really what we’ve known all along, is that a lot of people who come to Rehoboth on vacation don’t necessarily want to overindulge while they’re here,” Harrigan reveals. “Going to the beach doesn’t need to be synonymous with eating junk food, and that’s what we’re about here at Twist.”

Have you been to Twist Juice Bar on Wilmington Avenue? If not, check out our virtual tour of the property below, and plan a visit for the next time you’re in the “Nation’s Summer Capital.”

A quick look at Harrigan’s menu certainly validates those health centered thoughts and ideals. From cold-pressed juices like the “Thai Me Up” and the “Cold Conqueror” to wellness shots and smoothies that range from “Skinny Jeans,” “Indian Summer” and “Frank Da Tank,” the menu at Twist is as eclectic as it is fun and whimsical.

In fact, we’re still not sure if “The Adam,” a smoothie that includes bananas, cacao and unsweetened almond milk, isn’t named for our very own Adam Linder. We may just have to order another one, or ten, to verify whether or not this is the case.

Stay tuned for the results of our investigation into this matter.

A graduate of the University of Delaware, Harrigan says she had the idea for a juice bar back in her college days but never pursued it until recently, due to several years living and working in New York City.

“Basically, I had more than a decade to think about it before I finally decided to do it,” she admits. “I just wanted to give people something that was quick, affordable and tasty that they could take with them.”

Harrigan says she likes to use local fruits and vegetables whenever she can, especially during the spring and summer months when every coastal Delaware town has a weekly farmer’s market.

But at certain times of the year it just isn’t possible. She can’t offer fresh watermelon juice in December, for example.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of other healthy options on the menu, even during the region’s off-season. The most popular menu item – the "Mean Green" smoothie that features kale, spinach, mango and pineapple juice.

And while the drinks and smoothies get most of the attention at Twist Juice Bar, there are plenty of healthy food options on the menu as well.

Examples include vegan salads and wraps, as well as Moroccan stew, the Indian-inspired Chana Masala and “The Sammy,” a sandwich that features organic wheat bread, almond butter and fresh bananas.

Featured soups rotate regularly but examples include butternut squash bisque, spicy red lentil and Thai lentil sweet potato & kale.

Twist Juice Bar is located at First Street Station on the corner of Wilmington Avenue and 1st Street in Rehoboth Beach, and comes highly recommended by all of us here at the Oldfather Group.

Contact Harrigan and her staff by emailing [email protected] or visit them online at