Some fantastic news for coastal Delaware in the last few days as Rehoboth Beach and neighboring Lewes were both mentioned positively in national publications. Both coastal Delaware resort towns were named among the best in the country, in different categories and by completely different editorial teams.

Now we’ve always known that our beach towns here in Delaware are second to none, but to hear others affirm our beliefs is always a good thing. We not only sell coastal homes here at the Oldfather Group, but we also sell a destination. We sell an area to raise a family, or to settle in and enjoy your golden years.

Coastal Delaware is a perfect place to do either of those things, but living here means so much more. The benefits to owning a home along the Delaware coast are many indeed, and we love to show people around our little piece of paradise and help them find just what they’re looking for in a home, and in a hometown.

And it’s always good to let them know what other people actually think. Because, well let’s face it, we’re a little biased in our opinions of the Delaware beaches, and will continue to be for some time to come.

So when Coastal Living magazine names Rehoboth Beach as the second happiest seaside town in America, well that’s big news for us. We, of course, think it should have been number one, but of all the seaside resorts in this vast country of ours, for Rehoboth to warrant the number two slot is indeed something to brag about.

Here’s a part of what the Coastal Living editorial team had to say about the “Nation’s Summer Capital” of Rehoboth Beach:

“…this delightful and old-fashioned Mid-Atlantic town boasts a colorful boardwalk that’s a mile long and lined with food and amusements. In the off-season, though, Rehoboth Beach’s tiny size may be its greatest strength: Kids ride bikes down tree-lined streets, and everyone knows their neighbors.”

We think they captured the essence of Rehoboth perfectly in that well-written statement about Delaware’s most popular beach resort. And that’s why people who move here quite simply love it here.

Coastal Living also named some of Rehoboth’s local hangouts in their story:

  • Browseabout Books was touted as “a great way to know the town through its gregarious staff.”
  • Independence Day was named as a “cool event” at the beach, with bands playing at the bandstand and fireworks lighting up the sky at dusk.
  • Fisher’s Popcorn was named the “best souvenir” in Rehoboth, specifically the tubs the treats come in.
  • The Hotel Rehoboth was recognized for it’s “well-appointed rooms and suites.”

Now there are obviously many more great things about Rehoboth that didn’t get mentioned. I mean, the entire story wasn’t devoted to one small town along the Delaware coast.

But they did hit on a few great things we know and love about Delaware’s favorite beach resort. Here’s hoping they come back and write another piece on all of our great locally owned restaurants.

Hey, somebody put a bug in their ear about that idea, would you?

But I digress…

Not to be outdone by its larger and more well known neighbor, tulip-laden Lewes was named by Travelocity recently as one of the “Top 30 Attractive Destinations in the U.S.”

While not as lengthy of a writeup as the one on Rehoboth, Lewes was touted on the Website as follows:

“Lewes is located at Cape Henlopen, where the Delaware Bay connects with the Atlantic Ocean. Known as “The First Town in the First State,” Lewes features beach stretches, peaceful bird sanctuaries and marshy nature trails.”

And now with the tulip festival still going on, the historic town is even more colorful and vibrant than normal. Lewes is quieter and more laid back than Rehoboth, but it’s historic charm and small town demeanor also make it a perfect place to call home at the Delaware beaches.

In fact, all of coastal Delaware is inviting, picturesque and as fun and exciting as you want it to be.

If you want peace and quiet, we have that. If you want nonstop action, we have that too. If you want some of each, no problem.

The Delaware beach area is just a fantastic place to call home. We’ve been here for many years, and we plan on being here for many, many more.

If you’re here as well, then it’s great to have you as our neighbor. And if you plan on moving here, let us welcome you and provide a personalized tour of the area via one of our on-site local experts.

And when the time is right, let us be the first to say “Welcome Home” to you and your family.